Open Source Adoption in Enterprises - The Risks, & How to Mitigate to Keep Your Organization Ahead of the Curve.

We will provide guidance for understanding the fundamental framework, important issues & concerns in Open Source adoption within the Enterprise, share expert thoughts and practical tips in maximizing the benefits of using open source technologies.

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Open Source Adoption in the Enterprise: Keep Your Organization Ahead of the Curve

November 10, 2016

Most organizations are only aware of 2% of their OSS usage. Organizations and enterprises must establish an efficient and effective process for choosing, managing and remediating the OSS they base their companies around.

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Creating an Environment for "Continuous Compliance" within Open Source Software

September 22, 2016

Join Jeff Luszcz & Martin Callinan for a discussion on how organizations can employ strategies for a continuous compliance culture which manages risk without impacting technical innovation.

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The Dos and Don'ts for Securely Using Third-Party Components in an Insecure World

September 8, 2016

Palamida is honored to have Krishanan Dhandapani discuss the dos and don'ts of securely integrating third party components in your applications.

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Open Source Software & The Technical Due Diligence Process

July 28, 2016

We'll discuss the modern technical due diligence process as it relates to Open Source & 3rd-Party Software, along with steps that a target or acquirer will go through to validate the 3rd-Party list. Reasons for go/no-go decisions, & remediation steps.

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