Trends in der Nutzung und Security Testing von Open Source Software

Webinar: "Trends in der Nutzung und Security Testing von Open Source Software" Donnerstag, 12 Mai 2016 14:00 bis ca. 15:00 Uhr

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Open Source Software: Mitigating the Legal & Security Risks

February 26, 2016

Join us for this 2-hour LIVE webcast on February 23rd. In partnership with The Knowledge Group, we'll be on a panel of thought leaders & professionals to review the legal & security risks of OSS.

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Palamida 2015 Year Review: The State of Open Source Software (OSS)

January 28, 2016

Join us for a State of Open Source review for 2015. We'll discuss the compliance and vulnerability events and trends impacting companies using open source & share special insights from our PS auditing team over the last year.

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Introduction to Open Source Licensing


July 14, 2015

Please join David Mirchin, Head of Technology Group of the Tel Aviv-based law firm Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal and Jeff Luszcz as they examine the risk that unmanaged Open Source can pose to a company's Intellectual Property security.

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Unmanaged Open Source & Your Patent Portfolio: What's at Risk?


June 23, 2015

Join Andrew Hall (Attorney & Computer Engineer) as he examines the risk that unmanaged Open Source use can pose to a company's patent portfolio, explores opportunities to leverage Open Source in legal disputes, and much more...

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