Open Source Adoption in the Enterprise: Keep Your Organization Ahead of the Curve

Open Source Adoption in the Enterprise: Keep Your Organization Ahead of the Curve
November 10, 2016 (Thursday)
9am - 11am (San Francisco) | 11am - 1pm (Chicago)
12pm - 2pm (New York) | 5pm - 7pm (London) | 6pm - 8pm (Berlin)
This webinar is available for CLE, CPE, SHRM (estimated credit: 1.75 - 2.0)

The proliferation of Open Source Software (OSS) Technologies in the recent years has greatly impacted the development and innovation of software. The typical enterprise stack or application is made up of over 50% open source technologies. This mass adoption has helped every organization increase developer productivity and software production as well as sped up the adoption of new technology. While many companies take advantage of OSS to improve their products and infrastructure, they often lag behind in the management and support of the OSS technologies they use. However, due to the fact that an organization's process involves hundreds to thousands of OSS components, errors and vulnerabilities are likely to arise and affect the enterprise's process and DevOps productivity. In order to mitigate the possible risks posed by these vulnerabilities, organizations, software executives and risks analysts need to understand the underpinnings of their infrastructure to be ready to repel attacks and threats. Most organizations are only aware of 2% of their OSS usage. Organizations and enterprises must establish an efficient and effective process for choosing, managing and remediating the OSS they base their companies around.

In this LIVE Webcast, a panel of thought leaders, professionals, software developers and executives are brought together by The Knowledge Group to help the audience and organizations to understand the fundamental framework, important issues and concerns in Open Source adoption. Speakers will provide the audience with their expert thoughts and practical tips in maximizing the benefits of using open source technologies and the best practices in managing security and legal risks.

Key topics include:

  • Open Source basics
  • Choosing Commercial and Open Source (OSS) Technologies
  • Security Risks and Challenges
  • Opportunities and Threats
  • OSS Tools and Work Process
  • Recent Trends and Developments


Jeff Luszcz, Founder & CTO, Palamida
Andrew Hall, Attorney, Hall Law

Course Fee: Registration is FREE for the first 30 registrants and $25 thereafter - a deeply discounted rate, courtesy of Palamida Inc.
Note: CLE/CPE/CE credit requires a minimal Certificate of Attendance processing fee of $49 per participant (normally paid by the attendee) if credit is needed to apply to the bar. Regular Registration Webcast ($25) + Certificate of Attendance ($49) = Total Registration Fee of $74.

For More Information: Visit The Knowledge Group Event Website for more information, Speaker Bios, Agenda, & credit information.

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