The Dos and Don'ts for Securely Using Third-Party Components in an Insecure World

Join Krishnan Dhapdapani, Information Security Professional, for a presentation on the dos and don'ts of securing third-party components in your applications.

Thursday, September 8, 2016
10am (San Francisco) | 12pm (Chicago) | 1pm (New York) | 6pm (London)

There has been a steadily increasing trend in using third party components in application development. This is to achieve faster time to market and better functionality. However, these components come with insidious security vulnerabilities that are continuously discovered at a later date, much after the application is already in production. While we need to come up with a plan to remediate these newly discovered security flaws, it is known that components with known vulnerabilities make their way into an application. This is well preventable and so it must be. We will discuss a few don'ts and more dos in the practice of integrating third party components in your applications, as securely as possible.

About our Speaker:
enter image description hereKrishnan Dhandapani graduated from The University of Kansas, home of the Jayhawks, with a graduate degree in Computer Science. He has been in the software industry for more than two decades, with the recent half in security. What he learns from his work and research, he shares with students as adjunct professor in Bay Area Universities. His current research topics include application security, cryptography, and continuous delivery + security.

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