Open Source Software & The Technical Due Diligence Process

Open Source Software & The Technical Due Diligence Process
July 28, 2016 (Thursday)
12pm - 2pm (San Francisco) | 2pm - 4pm (Chicago)
3pm - 5pm (New York) | 8pm - 10pm (London)
This webinar is available for CLE, CPE, SHRM (estimated credit: 1.75 - 2.0)

Open Source has eaten the software world. A typical company is made up of 50% Open Source Software, though company’s ability to discover and track these packages has not kept up with the development practices. Companies who are targets in Mergers & Acquisitions are required to disclose their use of OSS/3P software and Palamida’s research shows the typical company is only aware of 2% of their ACTUAL usage. This massive undercounting is affecting the ability of these organizations to have a successful exit. Additionally, those who do have a successful exit, require a large amount of remediation before close in order to come into compliance. In this webinar Palamida will discuss the modern technical due diligence process as it relates to Open Source and Third-Party Software, along with the steps that a target or acquirer will go through to validate the Third-Party list. Other topics include common reasons for no-go decisions, and remediation steps that you will have to go through before you sell or buy a company.


Key topics include:

  • Open Source Software Legal Primer
  • Preparing Yourself for An Acquisition As a Buyer
  • Preparing Yourself for An Acquisition As a Seller
  • Time table of the Due Diligence Process
  • Common Findings and Pitfalls
  • Remediation Steps
  • Effects on Valuation and Go/no-go Decisions
  • Use for Integration with the Acquiring Company

Jeff Luszcz
Founder & CTO, Palamida

Tennille Christensen
Attorney, Tech Law Garden

Jeff Rothstein
Partner, Sidley Austin

Course Fee: Registration is FREE for the first 30 registrants and $25 thereafter - a deeply discounted rate, courtesy of Palamida Inc.
Note: CLE/CPE/CE credit requires a minimal Certificate of Attendance processing fee of $49 per participant (normally paid by the attendee) if credit is needed to apply to the bar. Regular Registration Webcast ($25) + Certificate of Attendance ($49) = Total Registration Fee of $74.

For More Information: Visit The Knowledge Group Event Website for more information, Speaker Bios, Agenda, & credit information.

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