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First to File

Posted by Mark Tolliver on September 7, 2011

The US patent system is finally close to a major revision. The key provision is a change from ‘first to invent’ to ‘first to file’. It makes complete sense since IP ownership can be clearly traced to a document with a date...


IP Wars

Posted by Mark Tolliver on August 15, 2011

Does Google want to be a smartphone company? Maybe not – but you couldn’t tell from the headline this morning. $12.5B to acquire Motorola Mobility. But wait – they lined up HTC, Samsung and others to say that they thought the idea was a good one.


First Patent for Palamida

Posted by Mark Tolliver on August 27, 2009

A couple of observations about our first patent award. First, it took almost five years; and second, it's worth the wait. We have always known that CodeRank was important – and its terrific to get the confirmation that we were right.

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