What's in your code?


What is the license of the GNU C Library?

Posted by Franklin Scott on June 17, 2015

From an OSS and IP management perspective the answer becomes less clear once we take a few minutes to actually inspect and audit the source code. Let's have a look at what a closer inspection reveals.


New Twist

Posted by Mark Tolliver on September 14, 2012

Red Hat at a patent challenge using their contributions to open source as the basis for their suit. It’s a novel approach for commercial companies who have made some of their software open source, but still own the copyright.


GPL Verdict

Posted by Mark Tolliver on August 10, 2010

the US District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an default judgment upholding the validity of the Busybox GPL license and ordering Westinghouse Digital to pay triple damages for copyright infringement.


Remember SCO - Novell?

Posted by Mark Tolliver on June 15, 2010

It took seven years, but one of the biggest software IP cases in the past decade is apparently done. It was this case that brought the software IP and copyrights to the forefront of industry attention, and accelerate awareness & interest in our company.

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