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DoD OSS Policy Update

Posted by Mark Tolliver on November 5, 2009

The evidence has been clear for some time that the supply chain for software today is increasingly about finding and using OSS, and for the embedded OSS case this is additional justification for software composition analysis and policy management.


Posted by Mark Tolliver on October 21, 2009

What would happen if the wireless network were more similar to the wired internet? We may have a chance to find out.


Which OSS License is Best

Posted by Mark Tolliver on September 8, 2009

Good debate at www.fossic.org, between advocates for GPL, BSD and EPL (Eclipse Public License). At the end of the debate, there were not a lot of new reasons to consider or dismiss any of them, but it was useful to revisit the arguments.


Posted by Mark Tolliver on September 1, 2009

The big VMware conference is happening down the street from us. It appears to be the first of the fall “big shows” at Moscone Center in San Francisco. You can tell because the restaurants are full for lunch again, hotel prices on Hotwire are up again etc.

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